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Without all the usual pricey headaches.

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Start earning monthly rental payouts from just a €1.000 investment in valuable Dubai real estate. 

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Own a physical, inflation-proof asset that can actually build real-life wealth.Safer than stocks, crypto, and bonds.

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Say goodbye to eye-watering 25% down payments on Dubai property. With Prop, you just invest what you can afford and unlock passive income.

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Invest in real estate from your smartphone,
starting at just €1.000.

We eliminate the hassle of complicated paperwork.

Explore carefully cherry-picked Dubai properties primed for substantial growth.

We handle everything, from renovations to legal matters, so you don't have to.

Access our user-friendly app for seamless investment tracking and management.

We’re changing real estate. For the better.

For too long, real estate has only been accessible to investors with the biggest wallets. Large amounts of capital that everyday investors just don’t have access to.

Most of the market becomes monopolized by the big fish and leaves a slim chance for the small guys to start earning wealth-building returns.

Own a growing asset

Want to co-own an inflation-proof asset that keeps growing in value over time? You can with Prop.com. Just invest what you can afford, start tracking the growth on our app, and get monthly payouts easily.

Easier than ever

Owning wealth-creating UAE property takes just 2 minutes with Prop. Download our app, choose your payment method, and just invest in the property you want to own. It’s that simple.

Prop.com is not subject to oversight by the Bank of Lithuania (BoL), as it operates under an exemption from the requirement to publish a complete prospectus. Prop.com diligently adheres to all legal mandates, furnishing a comprehensive information document for each investment property, which is promptly shared with the Bank of Lithuania (BoL). Our commitment to transparency remains unwavering as we engage with all our investors.