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Digitally invest in world-class property in just a few minutes. Co-own prime real estate from just €1.000.

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The platform where you co-own prime Dubai-based properties with other investors from just your phone.

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It takes just 4 simple steps to become a part of the thriving Dubai real estate market. All from your phone. In just a few minutes.
Pickup your property Discover a choice of Dubai properties cherry-picked by our real estate specialists to offer the highest rate of return on your investment. Invest as little as €1000 for partially ownership.
Sign up on the app Grab our official Prop app. Sign up with your personal details. Create your virtual portfolio!
Verify yourself The verification process takes just a few minutes. This helps us keep everything and everyone secure and safe on our platform.
You now own property This is where you're officially part of the booming Dubai real estate market! Track your growth and collect your monthly payouts directly from our app. We manage and take care of everything.

Giving every investor access to world-class real estate

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Fractionalised (co-ownership) investing is the easiest and most affordable way for anyone to jump into real estate. And with the Dubai market seeing record growth in 2023, now is the time to invest. The Prop way.

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Zero Upfront Costs

Say goodbye to big down payments, eye-watering mortgage costs, and pricey maintenance fees. With Prop, you just invest and reap the rewards. Simple.

Done For You

Say bon voyage to uneducated brokers. Our specialists have done all the research about which Dubai hotspots will yield the highest rate of return.

You Choose How Much

You call the shots about how much you want to invest. No more bowing down to soaring fixed property prices.

Easily Manage Your Portfolio

Buy and manage properties directly from our app in a breeze. Easily track your property’s growth and access your portfolio in just a few taps.

Prime Property You Own

Share prime Dubai real estate with other investors – hand-picked to give the highest rate of return on the market. Our investors see an average ROI of 8-12% annually.

Trusted Experts

An approved platform complies with all legal requirements, allowing our users to invest with confidence.

Fiat Republic: Provides the banking infrastructure on the platform, and offers over-the-counter (OTC) services for distribution purposes. The company holds regulatory approval from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an E-money Issuer under License No. 900480.

Ellex Valiunas plays a key role in our platform by managing the legal framework, ensuring compliance, and providing strategic counsel for expansion into new markets.

Without Hassle

Passive income
without the hassle

We designed so you easily get monthly rental payouts minus the headaches of standard real estate investing.

Invest in a prime Dubai property

Get easy monthly return payouts

See your investment grow as the property value climbs

No hidden maintenance fees. Zero paperwork.
Just invest and start making returns. Easy as that. is not subject to oversight by the Bank of Lithuania (BoL), as it operates under an exemption from the requirement to publish a complete prospectus. diligently adheres to all legal mandates, furnishing a comprehensive information document for each investment property, which is promptly shared with the Bank of Lithuania (BoL). Our commitment to transparency remains unwavering as we engage with all our investors.