Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is focused on one of the most lucrative and booming real estate markets in the world. Dubai.

Dubai’s real estate market is deemed to be fairly valued, in contrast to many overvalued jurisdictions in Europe and the US.

Dubai? Why Dubai?

Projected to be the 5th biggest economy in the world by 2030

5-7% average rental yield - higher than London and New York

4% GDP growth in 2023

Source: Emirates NBD Source: UBS

Residential cashflow

The residential scene is exploding in Dubai – with a 54% boost from 2022.

Our experts rent out long-term residential properties in some of the most desirable locations like Dubai Downtown, the Marina, and Palm Jumeirah.

Our value-boosting process

Prime Dubai locations for short and long-term value growth

We refurbish and maintain

We reduce operational costs

We raise the rents where possible

commercial rentals

Dubai is one of the world’s most desirable spots for long-
term and foreign business investment – with commercial
sales up 32% in 2022.

A major hub between business for the East and the West

Tax-free incentives. No limits on foreign ownership

77,7Billion EUR commercial market value in 2023

How do we boost commercial rental value?

Our team of real estate experts strategically invest in the highest-growth commercial rentals in the Dubai market.

What kind of rentals?

Office spaces
Industrial buildings
Retail spaces

Our simple strategy process

We refurbish and maintain

Regular maintenance, renovation attention, better amenities

Raise the rental rates

Strong, consistent cashflow

High return monthly payouts and long-term value growth for you!

Higher exit valuation

We refurbish and maintain

Raise the rental rates

High return monthly payouts and long-term value growth for you!

Regular maintenance, renovation attention, better amenities

Strong, consistent cashflow

Higher exit valuation is not subject to oversight by the Bank of Lithuania (BoL), as it operates under an exemption from the requirement to publish a complete prospectus. diligently adheres to all legal mandates, furnishing a comprehensive information document for each investment property, which is promptly shared with the Bank of Lithuania (BoL). Our commitment to transparency remains unwavering as we engage with all our investors.