The team makes easy real estate a reality

It’s rare that you bring a team together that all share the same mission. It’s even rarer to get that mission running.

At, every one of our team has worked closely to offer a live platform that gives all investors the chance to become a part of the booming Dubai Real Estate market.

Without the hefty down payments. Without the stacks of paperwork, and most importantly, without the hassle.
It’s always been our main mission. And it always will be.

Seasoned Real Estate Specialists

Prop is made up of specialists with 20+ years of real estate experience.
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Our core values

Our Guiding Principles and Cultural Foundation

Our core values align with what our team and customers both look for in us. It’s an integral part of our company culture.

Extreme Honesty


Complete Ownership

Innovation Through Connection

We’re proud to collaborate with a diverse range of amazing companies, each bringing their unique strengths to our shared journey towards success.

Ellex Valiunas plays a key role in our platform by managing the legal framework, ensuring compliance, and providing strategic counsel for expansion into new markets.

Fiat Republic: Provides the banking infrastructure on the platform, and offers over-the-counter (OTC) services for distribution purposes. The company holds regulatory approval from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an E-money Issuer under License No. 900480.

Sky Consulting provides legal advice on the setup and maintenance of the token foundation and integration, ensuring that we remain compliant with all applicable regulations and best practices.

Welfare Ventures specializes in investing in early-stage companies in the Proptech, Blockchain, and AI industries. Their expertise and financial support will help us bring new innovations to our platform and accelerate our growth.

Elliptic is utilized for transaction monitoring and AML-related checks to ensure that we remain compliant with all applicable regulations and best practices in the crypto asset space.

Sumsub offers KYC, PEP screening, and AML watchlist checks, ensuring that all users are properly vetted and verified before transacting on our platform.

Skyman Ventures provides us with strategic introductions to key opinion leaders (KOLs), venture capital (VC) firms, exchanges, and other players in the space. Their support and network will be instrumental in expanding our reach and building new partnerships.

Executive Board

Robin Ubaghs

Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Ingwersen

Chief Operations Officer

Robertas Urbé

Head of Compliance

Carola Tibbe

Chief People Officer

Tobias Athenstaedt

Chief Technical Officer

Gilles Bindels

Chief Investment Officer

Ian Upton

Chief Data Officer

Michael Kibuu

Senior Finance Manager is not subject to oversight by the Bank of Lithuania (BoL), as it operates under an exemption from the requirement to publish a complete prospectus. diligently adheres to all legal mandates, furnishing a comprehensive information document for each investment property, which is promptly shared with the Bank of Lithuania (BoL). Our commitment to transparency remains unwavering as we engage with all our investors.